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Let’s Talk About Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton has long been lauded as the pinnacle of luxury. But what is all the fuss even about? The extra-long staple (ELS) cotton gets its name from Egyptian farmlands where it was handpicked, a technique that ensures the long-staple fibers stay intact. Longer fibers make a stronger thread, which allows for smoother production and a softer final product.

What is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian Cotton has its origins in the Nile River Delta, famous for its rich and fertile soil. This crop needs a healthy dose of watering, and the first Egyptian cotton farmers provided this through an innovative irrigation network. The extra-long staple cotton is grown best in warm, humid environments to allow the plant to grow longer, from 1 ½” to 2” long fibers.

While original Egyptian Cotton was sourced from its namesake home, today long-staple cotton is available around the world. However, truly authentic Egyptian Cotton to this day still only comes from certified farmers in Egypt. By handpicking the plant as the Egyptian farmers once did, the cotton plant is not broken or damaged during harvest as it would be with a machine. The extra labor needed to produce this exquisite product often means a higher price tag, but these days authentic Egyptian cotton has become more attainable while maintaining the same quality.

So how does thread count play into this?

Egyptian Cotton can fall under a variety of thread counts, as the main distinguishing factor is that long-staple fiber. However, the best sheets have a higher thread count and Egyptian Cotton follows that rule. The higher the thread count, the more tightly woven together the fibers are. This makes a softer sheet that feels smoother to the touch. The optimal thread count for Egyptian cotton sheets is between 300 and 500 for the softest, most luxurious feel. 

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