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Make the Guest Bed. Step 1: Sheets

With the holidays fast approaching, chances are you’re gearing up for extended family or the in-laws to make a visit. Now is the perfect time to get your guest bedroom in tiptop shape for whoever who shows up at your door. These are just a few of our favorite ways to go that extra mile to make your guest room as cozy as possible and make up a bed that will make your guests feel like they are practically at home.

Spoil your guests with quality bed sheets.

The best way to make a great impression on your house guests is making a bed with truly high-quality linens. A set of well-made sheets is sure to leave an impression on your guests and make them feel like they are getting the royal treatment. LinenFit has three different collections to choose from. We recommend Comfy 100% Cotton for extra softness or Wrinkle – Free Easy Care that will look beautiful in a snap.

Towels are a must.

Let’s be real, no one travels with towels. They are bulky and are never dry before it’s time to leave. Providing your guests with freshly washed and dried towels (don’t forget the hand towels!) will make them feel right at home. Leave a towel on the bed for hotel-level presentation and store a few extras in a drawer in the room so your guest is as comfortable as possible and won’t have to ask for a towel every time they want to freshen up.

Layer up that bedding.

Everyone’s internal thermostat runs a bit differently, so you want to give your guests the ability to adjust the bedding in the room to their liking. Especially as the weather starts to turn a bit colder, you want to make sure that your houseguests are capable of taking control of their own comfort. We suggest making your bed as normal with a fitted sheet, top sheet, and a duvet or comforter and then arrange a throw blanket at the end so it’s easily accessible. For that added little touch, a cute woven basket or storage cube is perfect for storing a few extra heavier blankets in the corner of the room, just in case!

Don’t skimp on the pillows.

There is nothing… and we mean nothing… worse than a bed with an inadequate pillow supply. Whether that means pillows that are unfortunately flat or too few, there is no quicker way to ruin a night’s sleep. Up the pillow game on your guest bed and trust us, your friends and family will thank you. Check out LinenFit’s line of Nimbus Pillows for a variety of constructions that will make every night the best sleep they’ve ever had.

Storage to make their own.

Living out of a suitcase can get tiring and stressful. Why not treat your guests to a space they can truly make their own? An empty wardrobe or closet (already equipped with some hangers) will let your guests fully unpack and put them instantly at ease to enjoy all those fun holiday festivities you’ve got planned.

Choose a mattress topper for that added luxury.

If you really want to treat your guests to a special sleeping experience, add a mattress topper on the bed under the mattress cover and fitted sheet. While a mattress cover protects the mattress from moisture, a mattress topper adds extra plush padding. This simple addition can turn any old bed into a cloud. Check out LinenFit’s line of mattress toppers to find the perfect one for your guest bed.

Extra furniture makes the room feel more like home.

We know when decorating a house it’s easy to get carried away with the rooms with the highest traffic, like the primary bedroom or living room. But putting the same amount of effort into crafting the perfect guest room really makes a difference when it comes to making your guests feel at home. Adding extra furniture like a bedside table and an armchair in the corner gives your guests the feeling that they can really spread out and make the space their own. It’s these little touches that add up to help make your guests feel less like a burden and more like they are making themselves at home.

This holiday season, become the host of the year by adding those special touches that instantly turn a guest room into a home. Small details make all the difference and when you add a few extra elements to make a guest’s stay more comfortable, your hospitality will be the talk of the town. Think about those little extra somethings from your last Airbnb or hotel stay that really made it feel like the place was made for you and that the hosts had given some thought to what your needs might be ahead of time, and you can’t go wrong!
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