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Ease Your Laundry Woes: Folding a Fitted Sheet in Eight Easy Steps.

Has the thought of folding that fitted sheet kept you from changing your sheets as often as you should? Don’t let laundry day cause you undue stress. We’re going to let you in on a little secret.

Here’s the truth: folding a fitted sheet is, dare I say it, easy! Gone are the days of crumpling your freshly washed sheets in a frustrated ball and tossing them in your linen closet. We’ve created this guide to give you peace of mind in your laundry endeavors (and maybe even impress your house guests in the process). Without further ado, here is our no-fail guide to folding a fitted sheet. You have more important things to worry about; folding your bed laundry should not be one of them.

1. Standing with the sheet held horizontally, slip a hand under the seam made at the corner so that your hands are fully inside each of the pockets made between the elastic and seam.
2. Bring the two hands together while inside the corners so that the sheet corners are touching each other. Then, fold the right hand over the left so that the pocket the left hand is in is nestled inside the corner the right one just released.
3. Straighten out the folded portion that will now be on the right-hand side. Place the sheet flat on a surface.
4. Now it’s time to tackle the corners on the other side. Nestle the corner that is on top into the corner that is laying on the flat surface. Smooth the folded fabric on the left and you’re almost there!
5. At this point, the elastic and edge of the sheet will be facing up toward you in the shape of an upside-down U. Put a hand inside each of the pockets now created on each side, and bring the right hand over the left like you did in step two. The elastic will now look like an upside-down J, and you should have four real corners.
6. Fold the sheet in half widthwise. All the elastic should now be hidden from view and you should have a nice rectangle on your hands.
7. Continue to fold into whatever size you want for storing.
8. Make your self a stiff drink. You deserve it.

And, voilà! A beautiful, folded fitted sheet.

This method works for any size or style fitted sheet. And you can find your new favorite in LinenFit’s assortment of Comfy 100% Cotton, Cool Dry Comfort, and Wrinkle-Free Easy Care collections to make sure you’re set for any season.

Now go get yourself another drink. You’ve earned it.
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