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When should I buy new sheets?

If you can’t remember the last time you invested in a new set of bedsheets, it might be time to think about replacing your linens. Old sheets can lose their comfort and softness as fibers break down, and there is nothing worse than thin sheets that feel rough to the touch. When sheets start to get worn out, it is also easier for tiny microbes to get embedded in the fibers, causing illness and sometimes allergies. We’re going to walk you through the factors to consider when deciding when it is time to finally buy a new set of sheets.

How do they look?

You will probably start to see visible signs of wear when it is time to ditch the old sheets. Discoloring, color fading, and even yellowing is an obvious sign that your sheets have surpassed their peak. You also want to check for signs of fabric wearing away. This might appear in the form of obvious holes, but also signs of wear can appear by a thinning of the sheets either all over or in a certain high impact area.

How high was the quality of the sheets when you purchased them?

Higher-quality linens will obviously last much longer than cheaper ones. To increase the time in between purchases, consider investing the higher-quality sheets to ensure they stay in top condition for much longer. Lower quality sheets will need to be changed out more regularly. However, there is no hard and fast rule for how long to keep a certain quality level; it is best to take regular inventory of your sheets to assess how quickly they are wearing out. Keeping an eye on your bedding will give you a better idea of when they start to need replacing.

When do we recommend getting new sheets?

Our experts suggest replacing your bed linens every two years. With proper care, high-quality sheets can withstand many washings and higher-quality sheets like LinenFit’s cotton and microfiber bed sheet collections are at their optimal performance for around two years. However, as we said before, it’s best to regularly take inventory of your sheets to notice when they start to look more worn.

The way you care for your linens can affect how long they last.

The amount of time you spend sleeping on a certain set of sheets is not the only factor in how long they stay in good condition. The way you store and care for them can also make them last longer or degrade faster. We recommend washing sheets in cool or warm water and air drying them if possible; if not, low tumble dry is your best option. Additionally, ironing your sheets before you fold them will allow them to lay more nicely in your linen closet, which can preserve the quality of the fabric. Stacking linens in a dark, dry closet that still has a bit of airflow (you just need to make sure the material can breathe - don’t store them in boxes), eliminates the aging effects of direct light, which can affect the color and the integrity of the fiber, and humidity, which can cause molding. For more help, check out our guide on how to fold a fitted sheet!

Could your bedroom decor use a refresh?


Even if your bedding still looks and feels like new, you may simply be facing the urge to give your bedroom an upgrade or style refresh. New sheets can be the perfect way to switch things up, no assembly or tool kit required. The start of a new season can also offer the perfect opportunity to change up your color scheme, or simply treat yourself to a playful bedroom accent color you have never tried before. Interior designers are always announcing the latest seasonal color trends, so why not buy into the hype of this month’s winners? The best part is, you’ll have a closet full of options for the next time you start feeling a little bored with your sleep space.

Maybe you finally purchased that super comfy mattress you were eyeing.


A new mattress is a big purchase and a big investment in your bedroom and in your quality of sleep. If you want to get the most out of it, you’ll probably want an awesome set of sheets to complete the set. Sadly, not all mattresses are made the same, and many sets of linens that fit your old hand-me-down college mattress won’t fit your beautiful new one. Gifting yourself a set of sheets with the technology to fit any type of mattress is a no brainer. No one likes waking up in a tangled fitted-sheet that’s decided to pop off at 2:00 a.m. So do yourself a favor and get sheets that will stay in place, no matter what goes on in your bed.

Keeping all these tips in mind, it’s always a good idea to have a few spare sets of bedsheets in your linen closet for when it comes time to wash or discard the set on your bed. You should be taking just as good of care as the sets that go in your closet as you do when they make it to the bed. If you do, you will be able to increase the life of your favorite sheets and minimize the required frequency of purchasing new ones. We believe your bed sheets should receive the same care and attention as your favorite work blouse or pair of slacks; we know you enjoy your bedsheets and all the time you spend in them much more than your work clothes, so why wouldn’t you treat them with the same respect?

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