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How to Get Your Bed Ready For Winter

The weather is starting to turn, and that means it’s time to update your bedroom to keep you nice and cozy all winter long. Today, we’re talking about our favorite ways to get your bed ready for winter, like adding a few extra elements that you might not otherwise think about to make your bed super cozy and warm.

Update your duvet.

Whether you’re a duvet-all-year-round kind of person or prefer a light comforter in the warmer months, it’s worth taking some time to consider if your bedding will be enough to get you through the winter. A down duvet will provide the most warmth without the bulk of a large comforter, plus it’s super easy to switch out your duvet covers with the seasons or your mood. Check the tog rating on your duvet insert: it’s the scale from 1 to 15 on which the warmth of a particular duvet is rated based on the materials that it is made with. The higher the tog rating, the better the insulation of the duvet for trapping your warmth around you. For winter, it is suggested that you use a duvet with a tog rating of at least 10.5.

Flip your mattress.

Since you’re taking the time for a seasonal bedding refresh, it’s the perfect opportunity to flip your mattress (because we know you’ve been putting it off!). Rotating or flipping your mattress around periodically helps prolong its life and more evenly distribute the wear on it. But wait! Before you go tossing your very expensive mattress around, you need to take into consideration the type of mattress you have. Not all mattresses are created equal, and flipping it incorrectly could do more harm than good.

Old-school, innerspring mattresses are able to be used on both sides, so you should rotate and flip over the mattress periodically, ideally every quarter of the year. Memory foam mattresses that have gained popularity in recent years (usually in the form of those mattresses that come rolled up in a box) are not meant to be used upside down. You can still rotate the mattress with the same side facing up to ensure even distribution of weight, just make sure the top side stays facing up. And, it doesn’t matter what mattress style you choose; LinenFit’s collection of bed sheets will fit any kind of mattress and stay on no matter what.

Warm up the floor.

When the temperature drops, keeping your feet warm is critical! They say that heat leaves your body quickest through your hands and feet, and the quickest way to instantly upgrade the cozy-factor in your bedroom is to make the contact between your feet and bare wood floor as minimal as possible. Add a fuzzy floor rug near the bed and in any high-traffic areas. If you really want to treat yourself, invest in some soft and well-insulated slippers to keep right at your bedside for easy access in the morning.

Extra throw blankets are key.

This is another easy one that really makes all the difference. No matter what duvet or comforter you end up choosing, adding a few extra throw blankets to the end of the bed adds a cozier feeling to the room as a whole. Not to mention it’s also a fun way to add a pop of color to brighten up your room on a dreary winter day. Plus, adding blankets to your bed ahead of time keeps them within arm’s reach if it gets colder than you expected at night.

Add a mattress topper.

Ah, the mattress topper. It’s one of our favorite components of a well-made bed, but also one of the most overlooked. A mattress topper goes, well, on top of the mattress, but underneath a mattress cover, which does more of the heavy lifting of moisture protection. A mattress topper not only adds the extra comfort level of additional padding on the surface of a mattress, but a well made version adds warmth as well. By including a mattress topper on your bed, you can instantly up the comfort level and create a warmer, more inviting bed space.

With all these tips and tricks, your bed will become your safe haven this winter! By adding just a few simple touches, you can really increase the comfort level of your room and help seal in all that precious warmth. Now the only thing that is missing is a steaming mug of tea, or maybe a hot toddy, anyone?
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